Mason Clover "The Isaiah 43 Project" a collection of songs for worship by Messianic Artist Mason Clover


Messianic Music has always been labeled as a Israeli Folk sound rooted with many middle eastern sounding instruments.  Messianic Music was almost exclusively written in a minor key.  In 2008 Abiron Records changed the way Messianic Music was created with the release of their first album "An Intimate Look" by Mason Clover.  This album quickly changed the way Hebrew Roots, Hebraic, and Messianic Music was viewed.  With international Christian Radio Airplay "An Intimate Look" blended a Contemporary Christian worship sound and blended Hebrew Roots lyrics.  Abiron Records followed up this release with "Into My Heart" by Brenda Wheeler which carried a Americana / Folk sound.  Although, Abiron is not the only Messianic Music Record Label, they are the only one producing a more modern sound, and a wide spectrum of different sounds.   Abiron Records was created in 2008 to give industry standard quality in all areas of Messianic Music. As the Messianic Movement continues to evolve, and all twelve tribes start to realize their identity as Israel, Abiron Records helps create and promote their music. Whether it be: Contemporary Messianic Music, Traditional Messianic Music, Messianic Jewish Music, or any other style of Messianic Music, Abiron is here to help promote, create, and produce top quality albums. Abiron Records is independently funded by your tithes and offerings, and is not used for personal profit. Please consider helping support the efforts of Abiron and their artists. Abiron is constantly searching for new artists and worship leaders to help mentor along their journey. If you are interested in working with Abiron please fill out the contact form above and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. Abiron in Hebrew means "our Father is exalted." We strive to exalt the Holy One of Israel in everything we do.